Beginning today 3/13/2020

Benjamin Church Senior Center will be closed to its membership and the public for a duration of 2 weeks as suggested by state leadership.  This closure is not mandated and at this time no one within the BCSC community has been directly impacted.  We are doing so out of an abundance of caution to help mitigate the potential impact of large gatherings and to protect our senior community's health and well-being.

A hub in the town of Bristol RI, that compliments existing services and fosters ongoing community engagement by providing programs and activities that support the independence, health, and well-being of active adults aged fifty and older.


To promote health, dignity and quality of life throughout the journey of aging.


To provide a centralized location for our seniors to connect with their peers and stay engaged in active living.  We strive to establish a setting that is inviting and promotes social, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as lifelong learning. 

1020 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 02809 

Phone: (401) 253-8458 Fax: (401) 253-8009

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